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Auto routing in orcad

Sep 07,  · OrCAD PCB Design Tutorial - 19 - Routing a PCB in Allegro you can route manually in OrCAD PCB Editor Lite OrCAD and Allegro are . OrCAD helps you do this with an industry standard Auto-router. Set up the required parameters for the auto-router to follow and define the number of passes. Set preferences for fanouts, vias, tuning, testpoints and more;then let the auto-router do the work. The Best PCB Auto Router that is Under Your Control. With the ability to guide the path of the routing, Active Route resolves one of the major complaints of auto routers; that they won’t route the way that you want them to route. Active Route allows you to draw a guide path for the routed traces to follow.

Auto routing in orcad

Automation sounds good in theory. Think of all the time you could save with auto-routers if only you could maintain control. That’s what makes auto-interactive routing so powerful. You’re in complete control of the big picture and the important details, but all that stuff in between is taken care of. The Allegro PCB Designer Routing Option is tightly integrated with the PCB Editor. Through the Routing Option interface, all design information and constraints are automatically passed from the PCB Editor. Once the route is completed, all route infor- mation is automatically passed back to the PCB Editor. Powerful Floorplanning. At the heart of the OrCAD PCB design solution is the OrCAD PCB Editor, an easy-to-use, interactive place-and-route environment for creating and editing small contemporary Internet of Things (IoT)- and wireless-type Rigid-Flex designs to complex multi-layer datacom PCBs.

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OrCAD for Students: PCB Editor :: Part Placement (Layout) and Routing (Lec. 6), time: 1:06:04
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