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Reclock wasapi 24 bit music

May 02,  · Welcome to Doom9's Forum, using LAV Audio Decoder with and latest ReClock with WASAPI settings? ReClock has a bit in bit mode which is designed specifically for this. _____ LAV Filters - open source ffmpeg . May 19,  · Which bit-rate to use for gaming? Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by domino, May 16, May Before I used to think if you just pick the best setting (bit KHz) you get the best audio. And yes WASAPI works fine for both music (many players to choose from, foobar heavily recommended) and films (you need Reclock for that. Oct 14,  · - in ReClock I had to tick the "16 bit integer for 16 bit sources" (seems DTS-HD MA track in my Blu-Ray rips was 16 bit as shown by LAV Audio and ReClock), use built -in estimator for both media and dvd but leave assumed frame rate unknown (it will switch to automatic when playing a movie and correctly detect the Hz after SVP.

Reclock wasapi 24 bit music

Jul 10,  · Reclock is set for WASAPI exclusive mode. I have also set the sound properties in windows ATI HDMI AUDIO to 24bit 96khz but reclock still shows and 16bit. I googled around and see that reclock does not support 24/96 in wasapi excl mode and read something about 24 bit padded. Taken from avsforum. May 10,  · Only noise when in exclusive mode using D4 Mamba USB DAC. Happening with 16bit flac files. Unchecking exclusive mode on the D4 will play fine. Dec 09,  · The Halide Bridge I am using needs 24 bit input and foobar + wasapi works This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Tutorial: WASAPI support for KMPlayer, having a top-notch video/audio player The Halide Bridge I am using needs 24 bit input and foobar.

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Soft Jazz Collection - HIgh End Audiophile Music - NBR Music, time: 1:35:06
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